Ford TripleCARE Program





Ford ESP TripleCare provides coverage for your vehicle from tire and wheel damager, minor dents and dings, and chips and cracks to your windshield.

Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited mileage and up to 7 years of coverage
  • No limit on the number of claims
  • Covered repairs can be made at Lynn Layton Ford, your home, or work. (tire and wheel must be repaired at the dealership)
  • Available on eligible new and pre-owned vehicles at time of sale only.
  • May protect your vehicle’s value when it is time to sell.


TireCARE Tire & Wheel

  • Covers all cost associated with the repair or replacement of a tire or wheel due to a road hazard such as glass or metal in the road, potholes, nails, blowouts, etc.
  • Replaces wheels damaged due to a road hazard (excludes cosmetic damage)
  • Provides towing to the nearest Ford dealer or tire repair shop, up to $100 reimbursement.
  • No limit on occurrences.



  • Permanent removal or door dings and minor dents without harming your vehicle’s factory finish. (Dents and dings more than four inches are not covered).
  • Fast, complete repair gets you back on the road with minimal tie-up of your vehicles.
  • More convenient and less time-consuming than traditional body shop repair methods.



  • Covers the repair of the front windshield from chips and cracks caused by propelled rocks and other road debris. (Stress cracks or cracks more than six inches are not covered).